Factors to Consider When Considering Drying Equipment Rental

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When you’re considering putting a major investment in your business plant, then it would be best to consider all your options and choosing the best drying equipment rental there is. A depreciation of a dryer can be expected for years of decades, which is why it’s vital for any company to choose equipment that would last for years.

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There are many factors to consider when choosing a drying equipment rental because the process of drying can be very difficult. Before you choose drying equipment for your business, it’s important that you do a preliminary analysis of all the drying needs that your business will need. Here are some of the factors that you should consider:

Material: You should first consider if the material is flammable, abrasive, corrosive or toxic. You should also know its physical characteristics once it’s dry or wet. Plus, make sure that you know its distribution in particles sizes.

Drying requirements: It’s important when you’re choosing a drying equipment rental that you would know if the dryer is unbound, moisture bound or both. You should also know its moisture content both initial and final contents. The duration of its drying time and the maximum drying temperature is also very important so that you could estimate your production time. Does the equipment need a drying curve? For example, while you’re midway through your drying process, does the drying temperature need to be fluctuated?

Production requirements: Choosing a drying equipment rental would also mean that you know all its production requirements. You should consider if you could continuously process the materials or if you need to do it by batch and how much quantity it can handle per hour. If you’re always looking for a high-quality final product, you should also know the equipment’s retention time. Also, there are a lot of drying choices in equipment; you should know the effects when you dry before or after the processes.

Final product quality requirements: During the drying process, you should also know if there’s a possibility that the material will degrade, shrink, become contaminated or over dry. Knowing the final bulk density, product temperature, and final moisture is also important for your materials. Lastly, you should also consider knowing if the dried material would require solvent recovery or if it would give off dusts.

Choosing the right drying equipment rental is vital for your business. That’s why the next time you check out drying equipment, make sure that you have considered all these factors so that you won’t have a hard time picking the right equipment.


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